Why sleeping is more critical to weight loss than you think?

February 20, 2019

Why sleeping is more critical to weight loss than you think?


If you are on the heavier side of the weighing scale and are looking to reduce body fat, then sleeping is one of the most important day-to-day activities that you should take care of. Sleeping too less or sleeping too much can hamper your weight loss progress.

You should always try to go to bed a bit earlier such that you can squeeze in a bit more sleep as it will help increase the weight loss. Studies have found out that sleep deprivation is often associated with increased appetite.


Establish a sleeping pattern and avoid lack of sleep

A study found out that restriction in sleep can lead to an increase in hunger and cravings especially the high-calorie, high-carb foods. Instead, you should try to establish a healthy sleep pattern as it can prove to be a critical component of weight loss. You can maximize the results by including exercising, eating well, and aiming for around 8 hours of sleep every night.


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