Go Slim fat-soluble cream + giveaway Belly Belt

Go Slim Cream is a special Hot body Massage Cream (anti-cellulite cream)

containing plant collagen that helps regenerate the skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 

It is made from a natural way that helps to heat up the solid fat tissue which literally helps to lose 3-5cm within 30 days.

How to use Go Slim right way?

  • Using twice a day (morning & evening).
  • Using a moderate amount of cream to areas which need to be slimmed such as belly, thigh, calves, etc.
  • Massage gently until it starts to dry and you will feel the heat.
  • Fasten the shaping belt around your belly after you apply the cream.
  • Note: Test a small amount of cream on the skin to check the sensitivity before using. Only apply an adequate amount of the cream. Fasten the shaping belt after the cream is absorbed and completely dry.

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